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 Blanch Hydrogen Stations

two workers on the Kizomba platform in Angola

We must turn this American tragedy, into a real American triumph !!! We are going to produce daily, barrels of Energy related fuels in the central & western parts of the USA. For our USA local consumption through our Energy Stations. (Old refurbished gas stations or our new mega Energy Efficient Hydrogenl Service Stations).

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Blanch’s mission is to supply economical and environmentally Hydrogen and Electric Charge in our Hyfrogen Station for Our Energy needs. We will maintain a state of the art facility in support of our sales, marketing and logistics activities. Finally, 10,000 jobs will be created across th Globe. Blanch Automotive will be negotiating the acquisition of our own 1100 retail Hydrogen Stations. The Blanch’s Hydrogen Stations will be refurbished into futuristic one Stop Financial-Energy centers, to accommodate the availability of renewable hydrogen, Energy Bill payment, Money Transfers, and other transactions.auto

We can be competitive in the open market at home and abroad, by computerizing our Hydrogen Stations, we can be labor cost effective while providing to our loyal local and Global customers, the highest grade Hydrgoen and Electric Charge of Energy & financial multi-service in the world.