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The Global Green Movement is based upon the environmental protection and is one of several new social movements that emerged in the last decade out of the deep human concern of the state of our planet vis-a-vis, Global warming, and other threat ecological challenges.

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The movement's growth has been stimulated by a widespread acknowledgement of potentially grave ecological crisis of our planet. The ecology movement ha evolved and branched out to many positive means of effecting change.

It's story is deeply entrenched in the environmental narratives that have reached a high level of popular consciousness. Homosapiens have been fighting desperately since the beginning of the 20th Centrury. Starting with the grave concern in the sixties about chemical pesticides the ecological movement was actually born with Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring", there was a huge concern over nuclear weapons and nuclear power in the sixties and the seventies, then there was a great of concern in the eighties over acid rain, then in the nineties the deforestation of the planet and the depletion of the ozone layer. Now in the 21st Century Climate change and global warming are the biggest concern for many.

As well as the bigger global issues like these living and breathing species extinction. The new Global Green Movement also encompasses many group wishing to get involve in the protections of the environment. At Blanch. We are doing something to prolong the existence of this Blue Beauty called Planet Earth. We are introducing The Green Club therefore, you can to participate in going green with a fast growing movement.